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Mountain pool travel

Recently, we run the boundary line more than 10 people, MBT Shoes stepping hazy twilight, meet XiWei morning, in a panic in delight and embarked on a "harmonious maru" train, began to Sue big "fellowship brigade".

On the train, face.he picked up a book wander aimlessly turned up, occasionally from book edge out eyes see all companions and pass a sweet smile, for a while and then went to the station. The next stop beginning, a stream of of primitive simplicity breath assailed, suzhou city people to retain the original things, but also a real, pure MBT Footwear natural guileless appearance under embodies the culture accumulation and historical heritage, reveal harmony between man and nature and coexistence. At this point, most fact to several "mountain pools trip!

In several suzhou friends, under the guidance of our trip to mountain pool omotesando district - huqiu. Say, I think of the song dynasty to huqiu great wordsmiths su dongpo's poem "to suzhou huqiu not swim, but pity also". 've heard is located HeLv prince LiGong wellequipped facilities, after the death of his three days for the white tiger squat refinements of gold on it, MBT Shoes Sale is named "huqiu". Sheet is a legend let my heart born charmed, want to personally, see them all. Today, he became very cheerful long-cherished wish come true!

The most conspicuous is huqiu tower, amid a lush green among standing, like a kind old man is full of warmth gazing at suzhou people, and convey ankang auspicious Gospel. Slightly sloping mai, couplet letting a person Pian float, was standing too long to bend and flex activities bones and muscles, MBT Walk or because of too excited to come to watch people devoting to show the most red carpet welcome?

A "Oriental Pisa", a single posture let people to admit defeat!

After huqiu, then into the mountain pools street. As the saying goes, hangzhou west lake, suzhou has mountain pool, have some meaning.

Accompanying the breeze blew up the yews, chenguang full and the river, we tread of of primitive simplicity, green MBT Panda flag in the street heartily of garden. QingWa white Wall Street side is the ancient room, ancient room in the gaps still growing unknown sapling, raise head to reveal the life of stubborn and vitality. The other side is the green mountain pools river, the river is clear, and can see the sludge to swim underwater obtrusive, always linger in flashing colourful shadow, let a person want to do like a rainbow dream! Also occasional fish out the water, light with small mouth, and offered to dial a loving kiss and then shy like run away. Honor to see wild duck swim in droves, when excited little flap wings, gave a delighted sounding, splash with water before satisfiedly leave.

The river every journey he made a little bridge, arched and covered with blue and red Bridges set each other off of life. Sometimes people stop on wait-and-see, feel a person is drawing middle reaches of scenic spot. On the other side of the river feldspar, somebody well-pleasing from water salvage wash clothes, push a twist, bean big distill ticked, MBT Sport banging on the river, inches away, like a merry ditty.

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The sunset

An ant climbing out from the shadows, it went to the desktop, CHI Hair us hesitate before of sunshine, several times just put the head into the setting sun, and hurried back. He actually afraid this bizarre light, or accustomed to the darkness. Dark always gives people half fear, half safety.

People in the darkness outside fear, in dark inside but feel safe.

The life is limited. It in the horizon little sinks down under the light of cloud, it is in my study gradually rise. Short of Li shall know oneself skarn doomed, it is the most thrown to the human light most attachment and most dazzing. At this time, even my study air is red. Intently scrutiny, in the air floating dust should be light. These small particles of the naked eye can see that just by sunset it very bright extremely beautiful, they in midair freedom, CHI Hair Straighteners silent and slowly swim drag, as if the stars in the garden in the universe. This is the only sunset can create the sights - it can make ordinary things infinitely more mysterious. Before sunset moment, sunset has thrown in my bookshelf make the top of a case. Full room is dark, only the bookshelf above infinite bright and beautiful. There a field obtained in hebei province of mud rooster. White body, colored wings, big black eyes, majestic and dignity. This north famous mud toy township, at least for thousands of years, but now here have become notions center, the past HunPiao and charming mud dog mud chicken clay all performence of sight. But the musk, the surviving mud rooster, somehow, opposite is extinguished sunset mouth.

Blossom, CHI Flat Iron clouds scud across the sky, my arms sunset home.

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Autumn giving

Autumn dusk, alone sit on sofa to smoke cigarette, see red, CHI Hair us slightly under lime exposed revealed heating, heart mood followed the blue smoke curl up and up, the same relaxed, the same freedom. Don't smoke turn into fast-you sound filaments, slowly disappeared, and that instantly, the heart of YuDaQian depressed mood also follow world, so don't speak then emotions and speak only then the emotional giving. Stay to draw another root YangHuo, again a.m. that already point lead three or four times a cigar, however because of lime already accumulate too much, point no, but gently one play, ash silent fell on copper furnace, its silence as I now use Chinese brush-pen write in paper, as in a bit of self-consciousness or not. I then fire, mouthful of swallowing cloud confide, aroma, like red lean on WenXiang deep-rooted in embrace appeal. Emerald Then think of smoke, thought that the smoke a puff of steam, think of the warm glow in the dark room around, thinking that a phantasy in autumn. At this moment, the always remembered that poetry in autumn meaning, and it isn't, reminds people of is desolate kill, be miserable, is autumn fan, is red, is a forest, and is Qi grass. However autumn is another means, no spring sun animated, no summer phlogistic fierce drive people, also don't like winter in the fully into languisheth thewane. I love is tyurin ancient gas majestic weather. Someone with enthusiasm, swearing is visible only not understand the color taste. Ancient tyurin In 4, I in autumn is a bias, so might as well tell. Autumn is mature, the representative for spring is delicate and charming, beautiful summer thick thick deep, is a n experienced person, not surprisingly, so its lubricious weak, leaves many yellow, the colour of soup, not only Long together.and CongCui strove with honor. This is what I call autumn imply. I suppose I love not late autumn, autumn is, when Xuan gas early away, month is round, crab is fat, sweet-scented osmanthus bright, CHI Hair Straighteners also not into deloitte was alarmed by fierce bleak gaseous, this is the most worthy of reward of music. Then mild, as I smoke on the red ash, just a cold smoked cooked WenXiang just. Or if the literati writing off already row of style, and gradually astonishing refined da, macro react-driven skillful solid, its profound meaning to have read the text. This is the so-called "is to zhuangzi autumn and WanBaoCheng" strong meaning. In life the most enjoyment of this is the sort of thing. For instance wine to alcohol to old is preferred. Smoke also have and burning of the judge. The beautiful person, cigar than cigarettes, because of its flavour relatively and. If it is burned wisely, slowly finishing absorb a, see the red light flashlight hair, there are endless imply. Opium we don't know, but see people in YanDeng burned, listening to that slightly rowrrf strip voice, but also feel that there are a poetic flavour. Probably every ancient, skilled, yellows, cooked refined things, makes me get the same pleasure. Like a blackened applied.based on TaoGuo in stew pork commands issued the pot xu moans of tone, is making me feel they burnt out with view as interest. Or if a use for twenty years but has not yet been tattered dictionary, or a dark with the desk, or as see in the street a blackened enthusiasm signboard, or see calligraphy everybody these ciassic male deep handwriting, make a person have the same pleasure, life in the world such as the years have ever-green, have to pass this skiful period, such as women development sound, must have encountered anshun moment for 16 XuNianBanLao charm, which can never be beautiful and person. That I admire most is Duncan's lovers: "the world will only intoned spring and fall in love, true without reason. Notes of autumn scenes, more luxuriant, more strange and autumn meeting of happiness have million times masculine, surprise, CHI Flat Iron are beautiful. I pity those women super-knowledge intolerance, so they miss love autumn grand give give." Duncan, who is available if the person.

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Twelve o 'clock at a quarter to three, we came to stone male hotel. This is JieLie ancestral temple of house, five CHI Hair us belt between the wing, we selected by west of a land, there are three copies of the housing price of bed, two yuan. JieLie temple consecrate the whole xishan JieLie women before a big stone arch, dense engraved their surname. Next door stone, the stone male temple mount adistinctive landmark tube brought to public. Despite a shrine a temple and stone houses, no male mountain but trees and rock just. Here the rocks, formerly particularly refined people have dirty tactic is called "stone assessment and wrinkle, thin, through" used for tasting here most of rocks can be applied. Somebody else gardens have a few blocks, visitors will accompany wandering, but transgressors dahurian accompany here, and is born with roots and have wide and high, can reach the zhangs, such as dozens says the grand view.

Restaurants only we two guest, meal is not ready, only can do a bowl of kaiyang speedway soup. For a moment the waiter pleased to run it, from the fisherman's hand bought a tail carp, CHI Hair Straighteners and dinner dishes also had, a small basket live shrimp, a tail big carp. Q can have wine, some. Europeanize self-control, also called bamboo snake. Dozen 1 catty to taste, smell very clear, only too thin some.

Eat lunch, we go out to the hotel, the left side, about a hundred paces, to the skarn light hole. The cave are hangs stone, ghost hangs tower. Cave walls engraved Ming dynasty people around WangAo written the plans of the word, BiLi heroic. Walk again 100 steps, the wall stretches very broad, mention the "luen clouds containing" three integrate. Gao tou2 have again "dimly discernible cloud league," the word clear light between people LuoQi descriptions. From here to the following riverbeds, stone tile, lake wave brainstorm, issued glide voice. Opposite the green area is not dongting dongshan, seems to be far apart, but 18 miles. Here is called the moon pu, the month when Ming sit here, it is the good. We are photophed, back to the mountain from the so-called sight of cracks in climbed to the top of the mountain. Turned south go down, come to crane pavilion. Look under JieLie shrine and stone male temple of houses, neat, small, like the building model exhibition. Again downwards have cui screen porch. A stone temple to the right, after the male shrine JieLie first, to be cloud gate cave. Cave consecrate mountain carved out of kuan Yin than men, two feet of sight, high tolerance is not bad, but packed gold, CHI Flat Iron don't see stand gimmick. Stone male QuanShan area more than 30mu, 180 high more than seventy zhangs, but a small hill stopped, but rocks, trees, they QiuHe hufu deep, fascinating.

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Spring jiangnan is beautiful, the wind is gentle, the fresh air, the sun is very warm, Big field wheat seeding like a sea, MBT Shoes dotted village is not sinking boat, crisscross of winding river, the river willows of vomitted shoots, reed edge drill out puts through green, River water, from the winter quiet and neat in the wake up, be nature's colour dressed in blue emerald green.

The first is chaoyang hillside place in the snow melts, slowly exposing yellow black land, snowmelt moistens dirt, soaked last year's grass graft; Covered by snow had hibernate grassroots awakening came alive, gradually stubborn effectively push to old grass plant rotten leaves, strove to grow. At the same time, the usual autumn wind wave fall down vegetation seeds, also MBT Footwear be wet earth is wrapped in grass roots, the budding, strive for their life.

This year's solar term nature is late, some butterflies is still very weak. Butterfly but a born so forceful. Though the world is really sweet delectable. MBT Shoes Sale Heaven only SanSiKuai big nor heavy clouds, yan son to the little black BaiYunShang nail the son play?

Nature in spring once appear handsome, joy, like a statue fromfuture girl, Grassland into a golden autumn, flower show them pale petals, daisies now seldom use white eye cut broken grass, tonal into dense, sunshine has tilt, MBT Walk let the orange and began to glow, let long shining trace slipped into the woods inside, these markings like to say goodbye to you of the woman's dragged on the ground of the robe is same, passed soon.

When spring between here, light with slightly fluttering, such as MAO's rain from heaven teen angst6 diffused, QianTiaoWanTiao soft willow, JiShu their yellow green eye, red white yellow flowers, green grass, green leaves, the market is like to gather and cradled, formed flourishes matchless spring, those swallow, so cute little swallow, MBT Panda and also by southern fly, joined this experience wonderful matchless spring landscape of the picture, for spring scenery added a lot of fun.

The sky, the sun is shining. Three tan all half-closed eyelids scanned. The tender leaves, the fields mist the light smoke, like her clothes. With her the awaken of spring the pace of the green grass, that speared out, it will stand out against the foot!

Xishuangbanna climate permanent spring-like, however spring is still the best season. It is in the spring, at the eve of the dai's water-sprinkling festival, we came to be called xishuangbanna a "green gem" GanLanBa. When we view it from the lancang river boat foot on the land, immediately seems to come to a natural tropical big garden. ZaDe, carpet is shaded everywhere. MBT Sport Walk in the village between path, is like walking in carefully built the same, only from dense leaves in the gaps of spraying down of the sun's little golden.

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